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Welcome to Digital Business Map

March 7, 2019 By digitalMarketingWhiz

Welcome to Digital Business Map. We’re glad you found us. This site is about… you guessed it: digital marketing. But it’s our goal to go well beyond just that. We want this to be a resource for those seeking digital marketing guidance, best practices, tips and tricks, how-tos, pitfall avoidance, and so forth. But, even more so, we want to help small businesses and small business people.

We want you to benefit from our experience. We want to help you make confident decisions that will keep you from making the costly mistakes we’ve made along the way. We want to help your entrepreneurial dreams come alive in the ways they have for us.

While bringing our hard-earned digital marketing expertise to bear; while being true to our core values of faith-born integrity, character, and trustworthiness, we want to contribute to your success.


Because we’ve lived it. We know your fears, your challenges, your misgivings, and doubts. We also know that, with the right information, some know-how, and a heavy dose of encouragement (in a world that often wants to squelch your dreams), you can and will be unstoppable.

So who are we and what gives us the right to pontificate about digital marketing and small business success?

Truthfully, and knowing that this part might come off a little “braggy,” the “we” starts with I.

My name is Matt Buchenau. After a long series of… let’s just say, unfulfilling experiences with previous employers and partners, and on a wing and lots of prayers, I started a small digital marketing company on January 1, 2008. Yes, right before the Great Recession.

I had some experience, an idea, a small home office, an early-version iMac (I think it might have been a Macintosh Performa), a really neat-o Captain Kirk-like flip-phone, a land-line phone, a fax machine — remember those? — and a burning desire not to go back to the soul-crushing frustrations and stresses that seemed to go along with a typical corporate career. (More on that part of my history in future blog posts).

I had a family of five to support, a hefty mortgage, other bills (of course), not enough in savings, and a lot of soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, and dance uniforms and fees to pay. Not long after starting the business, we were also hit with an unexpected and frightening series of health and medical challenges. In other words, we were, in our own way, just like everyone else. Sounds familiar, right?

I’ll spare you the background details for the time being, but, quite serendipitously, I had gained a fair amount of digital marketing experience when it wasn’t really even that much of a thing yet. Armed with a thimble full of know-how, a big dream, and more than a little fear-of-failure motivation, I have since stumbled my way to growing an eleven-year-old, thriving digital marketing consultancy that will crest half a million in sales this year.

Should it be more? Yes, probably, but we’ve grown methodically, organically, without angel investors, and with relatively little debt. We’ve done it by developing a sturdy and well-grounded knowledge base, by staying in our lanes, by nurturing phenomenally strong client and strategic partner relationships, and by not answering to anyone but ourselves and our owner, God.

We’ve also managed to grow our business while still being able to pay ourselves well, have a life outside of the company, and sleep at night (most nights anyway). I’ll take that over having a burdensome payroll, being highly-leveraged, in debt, and stressed to the max any day. Don’t get me wrong, many small business owners enjoy and thrive in that scenario. I have come to know myself very well throughout this journey, and am certain that I don’t.

Since our start, I’ve enjoyed the blessings of growing a business from scratch while employing my wife and children. I’ve relished watching how each of them, in so many different ways, has benefitted from the experience. And when I look back on how far I’ve come… How I’ve grown as a person. How much knowledge I’ve gained along the way. How I’ve faced, endured, and surmounted so many daunting challenges. How every day of my life presents a new and different set of opportunities and adventures. I find that, though I am prone to take it for granted, I am truly blessed and fulfilled.

Yes, it’s been hard. Yes, I’ve been on the verge of quitting numerous times. Yes, I’ve had sleepless nights and days filled with frustrations. Yes, I’ve been hit with major disappointments and come up against times when I’ve truly wondered what the heck I was thinking. But, as many entrepreneurs would echo, I wouldn’t trade it for all the tea in China. (Where did that saying come from anyway? I don’t even like tea!)

There is a lot more to my and our story. More of it will unfold as we add digital marketing and small business guidance content to this blog. Some posts will be short. Some posts will be a little longer and more detailed. We’ll do our best to sprinkle in humor and promise to insert a vlog entry here and there as well. But know this: we will always strive for raw authenticity. It is one of our core values, one we do our best to stick to.

And here’s fair warning: We are not trying to please and placate everyone. We will not sugar-coat our opinions or soft-sell our world view. We are open about our deeply-held Christian faith. We are conservative small business owners and, along with that, unabashedly pro-capitalism — the greatest engine of innovation and human achievement ever devised. And, guess what? We’re also kind, fair, honest and, above all, staunch believers in ANYONE’S ability to achieve incredible things, regardless of background, upbringing, disabilities, education, or financial means.

We are dream encouragers, not dream smashers. So, if any of the above is distasteful to you, simply don’t follow us. No need for anger. There’s enough of that to go around these days, don’t you think? Instead, just move on. Switch us off. Thumb your nose and go, if you must. I promise, you won’t hurt our feelings. However, even if you’re not cut from our same cloth, we still welcome you, invite you to consider and respect our views, and benefit from our hard-earned wisdom and insights.

Fair warning aside, we also don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love fly-fishing, sports, movies (and stupid movie quotes), the great outdoors, a cold beer or two, pickup trucks — except when they are riding my butt in traffic — family, and the Lord. And because of all that, we think you’ll ultimately like hanging out with us.

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March 7, 2019

Welcome to Digital Business Map

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